The Fuze is 'interweaving' the track listing of two MP3 albums when refreshing after a sync

I’m using Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP to convert my CD’s into MP3’s and get them onto my Fuze.

It’s only one ripped CD set- Collective Soul’s live 2 CD set, “Home” that is having this interesting problem that I described in the subject line.

It syncs fine and shows two seperate files, one per CD, just as it should, before I disconnect the Fuze. But, after the Fuze finishes refreshing, the track listings have been ‘interweaved’ into one folder, thusly- CD2 Trk 1, CD1 Trk 1; CD2 Trk 2, CD1 Trk2; CD2 Trk 3, CD1 Trk 3… etc.

This is the only one of all my 2 CD sets that is doing this! I’ve tried formatting both the SD card and the internal memory before the sync and I’ve tried two different computers (the other one runs Vista). But nothing helps.


Has anyone else encountered this? Does anybody have a suggestion as to what could be causing this or even a solution?



Album, Artist, Song, Genre are not folders. They are listings made from the ID3 tags within the files.If you want to navigate by folders go to music and roll the wheel past the end of the first page to see Folders. 

The ID3 tag for that album title must be the same for both discs. Within that album,  then it lists Track 1, Track 2, etc. Very logical, just not right. 

Fix the tags with mp3tag, as explained here

Good advice! Thank you Black-Rectangle for your input.

The program is great! I can re-name and re-track everything I’ve got including those pesky merged tracks that I created with an mp3 splitter/joiner.

Now, I still don’t know what caused the original problem that I had with this particular CD, but I strongly think that my storing the sync list for the Fuze as a WMP 11 playlist and then synching the playlist, instead of individual files, to the Fuze, perpetuated it.

Earlier I had, of course, re-ripped the CD and resynced it to the Fuze, including a re-made merged track on CD1, before I sought help from the fine folk here at Sansa, but the Fuze still did the same thing with the files. However, after I took your advice and used the Tag editor you recommended, the problem still persisted, even though I changed the track listing on both CD’s to be continuous in number (NOTE: After I re-tracked and re-synched my db to WMP 11, it still listed this CD set as two CD’s, but with my track listing intact, even though the tracks were moved from two folders to one in my db and I had put continuous numbering on all tracks. This is not a problem, just an observation).

That was when I tried reformating the SD card, erasing the WMP playlist db stored on it. And then when I tried re-synching just the formerly problematic MP3 file, without going through a playlist, viola! The Fuze handled it predictably! That is, all the tracks were in order and were shown as one continuous file listing in one folder, just as I had hoped they would be!

I then deleted the old listing in my sync playlist and added the new, re-made listing and after reformatting and resynching the Fuze to the re-made playlist, everything still came out as expected!  :smileyvery-happy: 

I will be doing a lot of driving in my new job and I know from experience that my Fuze will be my boon companion for those long drives between jobs.

Thanx BR; know that you are appreciated!


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