Syncing music in order i want on Fuze

Hiw do i sync tracks onto my old Fuze using Windows Media Player and have them play in the order i want?  I’m trying to recreate the setlist from a gig so i want them in a specific order but once they are on the player they are mixed up.  I don’t have shuffle on, i’ve tried renaming them with letters or numbers and i’ve looked at all the sync options but nothing works.  Help!!

Make a playlist.

i tried that but it still didn’t work.  I assume you mean make a playlist on windows media player then sync that.

A playlist should work. I don’t know why it doesn’t.

Another way to do it would be to get mp3tag

and change the track numbers to play in order.

You could make a folder called Setlist (or whatever), copy the songs into it, highlight them all with mp3tag and make the Album field (on the left) Setlist, which will make the Fuze think Artist has an album called Setlist.  Then change the individual track numbers by clicking on them.