Alphabetical Syncing in WMP 11

Is it possible to automatically sync WMP Playlists in alphabetical order to the Fuze? I have numerous playlists that I want in Alphabetical order, but it always syncs in the default sync order by putting them in by artist. Is there anyway to change this automatic syncing order? Or to tell the Fuze to order alphabetically?

XC Fan

What do you want alpabetical, the playlist names themselves? The player already does this.

If you’re talking about the songs in the playlist, it sorts these alphabetically too. But by song name, not by Artist, then song name.

And the hierarchy in the player is Artist, Album, Track (or song). This is from the ID3 tags embedded in the music files themselves. The Fuze does not read or sort by folders.

It does sort the playlists (names) alphabetically, but I have found that the first songs in a particular list (Autoplaylist by WMP) are “What if His People Prayed” “Voice of Truth” “Praise You with the Dance”.  All are by Casting Crowns and their track numbers are respectively 1 3 and 7.

Have you tried re-arranging the order of the tracks before you transfer the playlist to the player?

And/or . . . Are the track numbers at the beginning of the track title in the ID3 tag?

Thanks Tapeworm!  Your last post put me on the right track.  I have determined that Autoplaylists by WMP cannot be sorted alphabetically.  However, I have found a workaround that solves the problem.  I use the Autoplaylist to find the songs, then I select all those songs and make a new playlist out of them.  Next, I right click on the playlist and select “edit list in pane” from there I can alphabetically sort and transfer to my Fuze.  Hope this helps!

XC Fan