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Is there anyway to avoid the Fuze from creating seperate folders when synching an album with guest singers on the album,for example…i synched kenny chesneys cd…joe walsh and george strait appeared on it…the fuze created a joe walsh folder for the song he sings on and a george strait folder for the song he sings on…so the problem is when i want to listen to the kenny chesney album,those 2 songs arent on the album…i have to find them and play them seperatly…any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

The Fuze doesn’t create folders during sync. Your syncing software did that, most likely. I know Windows Media Player can do that (I think it’s the default setting, in fact).

Yep, you need to fix the tags!

how do i fix the tags,sorry…i just got this…newbie here…can i do it thru the computer with the tracks still on the fuze…or erase them from fuze and start over?

Would mediamonkey be the best way to go…as far as ease of use and so forth…i have hundreds of cds…love to get most of them organized in 1 location…never heard of mediamonkey before…just opened up the website…looks promising

This happens when using Rhapsody too, and since I don’t own the files, I can only work around this by selecting the album from the Album menu, not the Artist menu. If you own the files, using Media Monkey is probably the best way to fix the tags.

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MP3TAG is a simple, free & excellent dedicated tagging program. I’ve had good luck editing tags in files on the player, but many here recommend deleting the files (on the player), editing them on the computer, then transferring the corrected files back to the player.

There are many, many discussions on ID3 tags and MP3Tag here, so there is no shortage of advice & tips on it’s use. I will say to set it to write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 format tags for the best performance though.

This is how I handle multiple (or guest) artists. Take the guest artist’s name out of the Artist field, and then type it in at the end of the track name, like Track Name [feat. guest artist] or Track Name [Duet with guest artist]. That way, when the song plays, you will still know who else is contributing to it, but there will only be 1 artist’s name in the Artist field of the tag, minimizing the Sansa’s confusion and multiple listings. :smiley: