The E250 is rebooting it self.

Looked around and didnt really know what too look for but anyways, heres my problem.

My sandisk is starting up and I see the sandisk logo, then the disk is turning white and reboots, sometimes i get to the menue and can walk around and then it freezes up and reboots, if I plug it in my comp cant find it so I have no clue what to do, before I send support a email I just want to check if you guys know what to do.

Regards F0rss

Try reformatting the sandisk sansa player.

Uhm how can I do that when I cant see the sansa disk on my comp and its just rebooting itself all the time?

restart your sansa until you get the sansa icon on your computer and then right click the icon and format

Actually, it sounds like you may have a firmware issue.

If the player is constantly restarting, you’re not going to be able to get a reliable connection to your computer in order to format.

Here’s what I’d try:

If you don’t already have it, download and install the Sansa Firmware Updater:
2. When the Installation gets to the final screen with the FINISH button and tells you to connect your player, put the player into recovery mode and connect it.
-----How to put player into recovery mode: Make sure player is powered off completely --> Push the HOLD switch (on top of player by the headphone jack) over so you see orange --> Press and HOLD the record button on the side of the player --> while holding the record button, press the power button once (do NOT let go of the REC button) --> if you’ve done this correctly a message should show up on your player saying “Welcome to Recovery mode, connect USB” or something along those lines. At this point, connect your player to the computer (you can let go of the record button, btw!)
3. Once the player is connected, press FINISH on the installation. In a few moments a white box with a red S in it should appear by where your time is at the bottom of your computer screen. Right click on it and select “check for updates now” and all the program to run. You should get a message within a few minutes (depending on your internet connection speed) telling you if there were any updates found.
4. If updates are found, follow the onscreen instructions and install them.

If you already have the Updater installed on your computer, just skip the part about the installation. When you get your player into recovery mode and connect it, the Updater will automatically start within a few minutes if everything is working correctly.

If the Updater determines that there were no updates for your player (meaning you have the most recent firmware), you will need to contact Tech Support (1-866-SanDisk), explain what’s happened and what you’ve done and they’ll have to send you a manual update and possibly a format.

Try to update the firmware like what MsRayne said… That should fix the problem

Thx guys, ill try it now and let you guys know how it went.


Ok so I did as you said, it didnt reboot after that, YES but though it freezed in the loading process so I looked around on the forum and found this.

formating the player on recovery mode doesnot fix it because the 16-MB-format is a different partition. your database is not here.  create a blank file with filename “sansa.fmt”, put the player to recovery mode and drag-drop this file. the file will tell the device to format itself after you unplug it.


another option is to downgrade the e200 to v01.02.12a. this one is easier. you just have to put the player on recovery mode then execute the file. works 100%

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Did as he said and now it works, thx a bunch guys!

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never mind… :slight_smile:

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