tech support procedure.

So, I called Sandisk with regards to a malfunctioning 2GB Clip( dead battery overnight after a charge), and the lady, although nice enough, seemed kind of all over the map. She gave me an RX number and mentioned something along the lines of sending me an e-mail that has a return label to printout so I can send the malfunctioning one back and then wait 7 - 10 days for a replacement once they get the old one back. Am I correct in understanding how this works? I called them on Friday and don’t know when I should expect this e-mail and how long I should wait if I don’t receive it in order to call them back. Just trying to get an understanding of how Sandisk operates as this is the first time I’ve contacted tech support.


No worries!  The process is very nice:

Check your e-mail box for an email from SanDisk.  They will supply a link to UPS with a copy of the RMA (return merchandise authorization) there.  Print out this document, and it’s the label for you to apply to the outside of the package for shipping to SanDisk.

There’s no charge for the shipping, as SanDisk is paying the freight for you with that magic label!

You can have UPS pick up at your door, or drop off the package at any UPS Store, and you’re done.

Your new machine will arrive shortly.  That’s the only hard part.  It reminds me of the anticipation of childhood, waiting for the brown truck to amble down the street.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks Bob; that clears that up. Quite nice that they pay for return shipping. Fortunately ,I’ve got 3 2Gb clips (Family gifts) with only the one malfunctioning. Still waiting for an e-mail. Hopefully I’ll receive it this week. Appreciate the feedback.


Did you register your devices via the SanDisk website link (upper left logo) ?

For those who haven’t, it’s five minutes well spent.  Note that the required serial number is visible when connected in MTP mode: the device ID is the first 16 digits of the 32 digit string: Open My Computer > Sansa Clip > right click > properties.

If you contact SanDisk via your personal eBox (see SanDisk Support on the website),  please be aware that you need to check it regularly, as the site doesn’t always send you a “check your eBox” email.

Bob :smileyvery-happy: