dead clip -- RMA help?

I’ve had several good suggestions on how to get my 4-Gig clip to be recognized by my PC, but nothing is working.  I had an RMA set-up several months ago, but the link now leads to a dead page.  I am also reading rumers here that RMA support is hard to get with this company (perhaps in the midst of an acquisiton?).

At any rate, I need to get this resolved and would appreciate help getting a new player.


They are currently getting a new customer support system… I am basically having the same problem as you cept it all shut down after three months

"SanDisk is in the process of moving away from eBox to a new customer solution. We are sorry for any inconvenience, we expect to complete this transition in next 2 weeks to provide you with an improved customer experience.

Regarding on your concern you can call SanDisk hotline and you can process another RMA, you can provide your previous RMA no. so they can have Idea. :wink: 

good luck

I have 1 question for both downriver and Heartofdarkness. . .

Several months???

Surely you’re not saying that you sent your bad units in and SanDisk has not sent you replacement in this length of time?!? And if you didn’t send them in way back when you were given the authorization to, then why not?

And no, there are no rumors of an acquisition. SanDisk is just switching over to a new, more efficient computer system to speed up the replacement process. It is a gargantuan task though; that’s why they’re asking folks to be patient and call if they fear their order has fallen through the cracks.

SanDisk is migrating to a new Customer Support Solution. If there has been a delay with your warranty replacement please read below.

Hey Tapeworm – I bought the thing as a Christmas present but was not able to get it to work.  Once Xmas was way past, it was not exactly the biggest issue in my LIFE, especially when Sandisk reversed their offer to RMA and instead ran me thorough another series of unsuccessful attempts.  Then the links to that conversation ceased working and, well… now I am on this forum trying to get my money’s worth.  (And btw, there ARE “rumors” of an acquisition; they may be false, but they are out there.  I have no stake it that, for the record.

Your best bet:  telephone them for a warranty replacement.  Telephone numbers can be found at the SanDisk website or searching here (I don’t have them at hand).

The phone number to call is in the post I linked to previously.