Tagging information, title, artist, album.

I have several albums that are compilations of music from various sources, cds, tapes, and lps.  Is there away to load these albums so that the information, (title, artist, album, etc), is displayed on my Fuze?  I assume I will have to re-rip the songs in Windows Media Player then go through some program like MP3TAG.  However, I notice there are several different settings under Options and I don’t know what they mean or which to use.


Thank for any advice you can provide.

If you are struggling with MP3Tag, Try the tag editor in WMP, Rip the tracks with no info> Right Click on the track> Go Down to Advanced Tag Editor and Edit the info there. It is not as complete as MP3Tag but it does the job

Here’s a primer on tags. MP3Tag is free & easy. Kinda reminds me of those chicks back in the 60’s & 70’s, except this works! :smileyvery-happy:

You can also do a search on MP3Tag here on the forum. It’s used and discussed a lot.