Program to update tags?

Ive noticed it takes awhile to go through my list of music with the slow whell on the Fuze, so i just want to navigate through my music through the artists. But if i do that, my music tags (albums) are all messed up as in random names that arent right.  Is there a way to not have to select an album when using artists on the Fuze, or is there a program to automatically get the right album info/tags for my mp3s?


For Windows, MP3Tag is frequently recommended on these boards for tag editing. If you use Linux, I think EasyTag is the favorite.

Where do your MP3 files come from, though? If you rip from your own CDs, the program you use can tag the files automatically with info from an internet database. Check the settings of whatever you’re using. If you buy from Amazon etc., they should be pre-tagged. But if your files come from, shall we say “less legitimate sources”, you’re not only at the mercy of sloppy tagging, but there may be viruses and other malware hitching a ride with those MP3s.


does entire folders at once

Mp3tag lets you edit the tags that are on your files. It does a great job.Highlight all the tracks, fill in Album, Save. 

But it’s not going to automatically put the right album in there. You have to do that. 

Music downloaded from legitimate sources usually has consistent tags. Music from shadier sources may not. Read up on ID3 tags here, install mp3tag, and run all your albums through it with the settings explained in the FAQ–it’s only seconds per album.  When you do that, fix the album titles too.