help w/editing

my fuze 8gb has all the information in it - it seperates by artist, genre, etc…great

my library has all the information in it as well - it seperates by artist, genre, etc…great


when i try to edit what’s in the fuze, it shows everything as being by ‘unknown artist’…

anybody know what’s up w/that

If the artist shows up as unknown, then either the artist tag is missing, or there is something wrong with it. You can use a program like mp3Tag(it’s free) to edit tags. i suggest that you edit the tags on the files stored on the pc, delete them on the player, then retransfer them, although those using msc mode can edit the tags directly on the files stored on the player.

actually i neglected to mention in my original post that i’ve already done that…made sure the library had the correct information, deleted them off the player and loaded them again from the library…looked good, exactly what i wanted…

the next day i was going to edit something and voila, had reverted back to ‘unknown’…it’s no huge deal as long as the player itself continues w/catagories (which it does) but sure would make editing easier if it retained them in its readout

It would be helpful if you’d tell us what program you’re using that is not seeing the tags.

Are you sure you saved the changes to the tags? What format are the tags in? The Fuze is rather fussy about this. I think the mp3 tags need to be ID3v2.3?

i’m using rhapsody…think maybe that’s the problem…in response to the other questions, i don’t have a clue about what format they are saved in

thanks for the help