Fuze download issues

Just purchased an 8gb fuze, and have had a few issues getting my library to properly show up. To begin, I’m new to the world of portable players, so learning as I go. Just getting exposed to id3 tags, etc. And realizing that I have a lot of m4a files that I need to either convert or mess with in some way to get working on the fuze. Here are the main things I need help with - any suggestions greatly appreciated!

  1. My various m4a files either need to be converted (not too keen on this option) or I need to find a way to make them readable. Another forum thread suggested they were supported, but were not useable if they are copywrited - can anyone confirm this? the files are predominantly just things I’ve burned from CD’s

  2. With MP3s, when I put them on the fuze (I’ve been dragging and dropping with the file structure set up to be /artist name/album name/tracks) there is another set of files that show up on the player under ‘unknown’ that are actually just empty copies of the tracks, with “._track#” in front of the title. So a track that is first on an album called “Europe Endless”, is correctly cataloged on the fuze, but is also copied into ‘unknown’ showing up as “._01Europe Endless” - this is just a cataloging pain, because I have to manually delete every one of those, and if I transfer a few hundred songs, I will start to hate this little player.

  3. Finally, any suggestions for good tag editing programs that work on OSX and will update mp3 and wma?

Thanks in advance! 

I can help you with a little part of number 2, you said you have to manually delete all those files, if you hook ur player up to the computer, you can delete songs off your player by using Windows Media by going to your song list.  Its alot easier than doing it one by one on the player.  and the other things i’m not familiar with, but hope that little piece of info helps you out. 

Thanks Kathy,

Not sure how to access my playlist on WMP for mac - seems they skipped that feature? Well, working on it - maybe I need an update, I’ll check - but I’m also a noob with WMP, trying to figure it out. 

In any case, it’s a pesky problem this thing about the extra blank files being created under unknown - anyone else having that problem?