Fuze Won't Play Certain mp3s

Hi, I have an 8 gig Fuze with firmware V01.02.28A

So when I try to listen to certain songs, it’ll freeze up and skip to the next one. Or sometimes, there’ll be a loud static noise for a second and then it would go to the next song. I’ve tagged my songs in mp3tag and they’re all ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 and don’t have long comments or anything either. I’ve formatted it and re-added all my music but it still hasn’t worked.

The files play perfectly fine on my computer with VLC, Songbird and WMP.

Any idea to figure out what’s wrong with the files? Most of them are songs I’ve ripped from a CD but there are a couple that are remixes I’ve downloaded off the internet. 

Use Properties/Summary/Advanced and see what bitrate they are.

Or use Gspot Codec Information to get all the details. They might not play if the are at a very low bitrate or encoded with a weird encoder.

Also, are you sure it’s your mp3s that aren’t playing? CDs ripped on Apple OSX get a separate folder called MAC OSX full of 1kb files, also with the format mp3, to help Apple’s filesystem find them. They won’t play because there’s no information there. 

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Ohh I think I figured out what was wrong. Looks like it can’t play any of my files that have MPEG Layer 2 or 2.5. Hmm is this normal? Anyway to easily convert it to MPEG Layer 1?

the files will need to be converted to mpeg layer 3

Oh ok, do you know how I can convert it to layer 3?