Sansa Fuze just skips from song to song - does not play them

I have a subscription with Rhapsody and recently the songs will not play on Fuse.  I reformatted the disk as instructed (FAT32) and everything looks fine, until I try to play a song.  Any other ideas?  

If you formatted the player, it cleared the memory. That’s what formatting does. The player probably still thinks the files are on there, but they’re not. You’ll have to re-download them.

Well, I’ve deleted and reinstalled songs multiple times and still no dice.  I deauthorized and reauthorized the unit, no help.  Once I select a track to play, it just keeps scrolling through song after song.  

Connect to the computer and look for the songs in Windows to see if they are there as full-size files (about 1MB per minute of music).

The other reason the Fuze scrolls through files is if they are in an incompatible format, like Apple’s m4a. Make sure Rhapsody is giving you mp3 or wma files.

Albums ripped on Mac OSX add a folder, called MACOSX, of “finder” files. They have names like _.01-Track 1.mp3. The Fuze sees mp3 and tries to play it, but  they are only 0KB in size and there’s no song for the Fuze to play.