Sansa Fuze -messed up - keeps scrolling through all songs and will not play

My Sansa Fuze did I weird thing. This morning when I turned it on it started scrolling through all the all very quickly. If I went to the main menu it would stop on a song and I could toggle pause and play and the icon would change but no sound would come out. Going back into the now playing screen would go right back to scrolling. Eventually it stopped (Always on a James Taylor song…) but when it did it would say 0:00 played of 0:00. 

I tried all the reset suggestions on here with holding this button and that button etc but nothing worked. I plugged it into my computer and though the properties still showed I was using about 7g when I opened the internal memory it showed no files or folders except for the devicon file.

As a last resort I right clicked the internal memory and formatted. Then I copied something back to the device and now it works again!

Just thought someone might find that useful. 

Sounds like you had some file corruption going on there. I would run Error-Checking or ChkDsk on the song files on your computer before transferring them to the player again to avoid the same thing happening in the future.

If you see this behavior in the future, connect in MSC mode and use the chkdsk function or manage, and check the file system (FAT) for errors.  The Sansa will roll through your tracks like this, trying to locate something to play.  He’s a good little guy, you see, looking for something that will play.

When the FAT is corrupted, this is the index that tells the player where the music is stored.  Checking the system for errors is a quick way to restore operation without having to reload your music.  In the above link, the refeerence is for a similar issue, if a song or two are corrupted.  You may get a message about “not enough space for music DB”.

If you connect in MSC mode, always click on the safely remove icon in the taskbar, as a hot swap is the most common way to cause a file system error.  Microsoft has improved the operating systems to counter this risk, well enough that most users have gotten into the habit of grabbing the plug from the USB port without having given it a second thought.

I’ve tugged the connection many times to test these guys, and corruptions are thankfully infrequent, but it does happen.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

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