Songs disappeared all of a sudden

Hi, I have this weird problem where the fuze froze on a song and then all the songs in the internal memory stopped showing up in the player or on the computer.

I think the songs are still there though because it says 2321mb free/3888mb. I also had a video too but its also not showing up.

it froze on while playing a song in my sandisk microSD card, and now only the microSD songs are showing up on the player.

for now i’m going to try formatting and see if that fixes anything.

thanks for all the help =]

btw, i have the latest firmware and im using mtp mode. (i used wmp11 with manual sync for songs + playlists)

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Before formatting, you can try rebuilding the database from scratch, in hopes of “finding” the music and videos you have transferred.

The Sansa locates your files based upon the file name in case of video or photos, and by the ID3 Tags for the music.  When you see the “refreshing database” mask, the Sansa s populating this index list.

Occasionally, the list can become corrupted.

On the device, since you’re using MTP mode, we need to be in MSC mode to see the database file.  Go to settings > system settings > USB mode > MSC.  Remember to switch BACK to your desired settings after making the database repair.  If you don’t, a separate issue will come into play, the virtual wall between MSC and MTP: files transferred in one mode can’t be seen from the PC side of the system while in the alternate mode.

Plug in your Sansa, in MSC mode.  Look in the root directory for the file mtable.sys and delete it.

Once you disconnect, the Refreshing Database screen will display, and then have a look around on the Fuze for your music.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

it worked, thanks :smiley:

everything’s back to normal now