Music files disappeared?

I just turned on my Sansa Fuze and it went through the refreshing database cycle, even though I hadn’t added anything to it. When it finished, I discovered there were no music files on the onboard memory, it only read the files on the SD card. I connected it to my computer and it says that the memory is taken up, but I can’t find the files in the music folder, it’s showing as empty, and this is in both MTP and MSC. Please help me get my music files back! Or should I format it? Good thing I also have a Sansa Clip Zip that I keep the same music on because there were over 2000 songs on there.

Did you try resetting it?

How do you reset it? I held down the sliding power button, but it just turns off and on.

Slide it down and hold it for 20-30 secs. Release, then silde it down momentarily as usual to turn it on.

Ok, yeah, I tried that. Didn’t bring the music back. Guess I’m gonna have to format it, then copy the files back from my clip zip.

I checked error and it didn’t help bring the music back. So I formatted it and put all the music back. I listened to some songs before it stopped playing, so I reset it and now it won’t go past the logo screen. I tried connecting it to the computer, but it won’t show up. I think it’s dying a slow death. Kinda sad because I loved the Fuze, but I have had it for about 6 years now. I just wish Sandisk still made them.