Music is gone, can't upload anything

Hiya guys.

Having a pretty strange problem with the ole’ Sansa. I turned it on today and all the music, save for 14 songs, is gone (it was full previously). I plugged it into the PC and and when I right-clicked to check the Internal Memory Properties, it says that the gigabyte capacity is full. And I can’t upload any more music on it because ‘there is no more room on the device’.

I’m thinking the problem is that the music is just not showing up for some reason. Really weird.

I hope you smart and helpful folks can suggest something.

Much thanks for your time.

Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. Try MSC, try MTP. The Fuze sees all mp3s on the unit, but your computer can only see one mode at a time.

If the problem is seeing music on the Fuze when it’s not connected, put it in MSC mode, connect to the PC and delete MTABLE.SYS. You may have to un-hide Hidden Files and Folders in Windows–look at your Windows Help file (search “hidden files” for a how-to.)

MTABLE.SYS  is the file that indexes the music on the unit. When you unplug it will recreate MTABLE.SYS by indexing all your files again.