(All) Songs disappeared during play

Hi All,

Sansa Fuze 8GB

Have had player for a couple weeks

Had about 200 songs loaded on

During play today, the player “froze” after completing one song but before starting another.

All controls were frozen

Powered down and back up

Player then starterd changing songs once per second.

Powered down

When powered back up, all songs gone.

WMP shows 1.5GB used but no trace of songs

Was able to successfully sync a new song to the device but it is the only one that shows

Did try to delete the system file (mtable or some such) to no avail.

Suggestions please?  Thanks

Your Sansa’s system might have gotten corrupted. Do you have backup copies of those songs or anything inside the Fuze? If yes, then try formatting it on the computer or using the device itself.

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