Every single song and video deleted itself from my player... why?

Last night my friend was listening to my Fuze in her car… she went to switch from one song to another, when the Fuze freaked out and began shuffling through all my tracks - none of them would play. She attempted to turn the thing off, but it froze. Today, I turned it on to see if maybe it was working again, but it wouldn’t turn off because it was on no battery…

So, I plugged it into my comp and charged for a while. While there, i looked at my files to see if everything was still there. Nope. Every file was gone. None survived. UGH. I unplugged the Fuze and looked at my memory – it said I had no songs and no videos, but the memory was still low as if I still had my 700+ songs. Hmm… I ended up reformatting to start with a clean slate. Im now reloading all my songs.

I gave up on trying to recover my files, but im worried that it’s going to happen again. Can anyone tell me why it did this, and maybe how to fix it next time?

(Im not so great with technical talk… please walk me through. lol)

That’s odd.  Not really sure what happened here.

A quick question:  What USB mode do you use when connecting to the computer?  When connecting the Fuze to the computer make sure you stay in the same USB mode, since (for example) if you initially put all your songs on the Fuze in MTP mode, and then switch to MSC mode you will not see them on the Fuze when connected to the computer. They will be there, but MSC will not recognize the files that have been added in MTP.

I’m hoping you had all your music backed up on your computer and that you didn’t lose everything.  You should always have a back up somewhere.

And make sure you have the latest firmware installed on your Fuze.  If this happens, next time the Fuze freezes up hold the power button in the power position for 15-20 seconds.  That should reset the Fuze and hopefully fix the problem.  Do you remember what song it tried to play when it freaked out? 

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Oh, and to top off the wonderfulness of my frustration, my internet is messing up, and these pages aren’t loading correctly…

Im not sure if my messages are even going through.