Fuze not showing all songs but computer does... acts like its out of space

Hi I’m hoping someone can recognize my problem and send help quick… This is driving me nuts!

 I’m syncing my music files through windows media player.  But even though there is still space on the device, it acts like its already full and won’t accept any more songs.  Or they really are on  there and I just can’t access them. The weird part is when I connect s my device to the computer the computer can see all these missing songs.  In addition, if I delete a song from the device, one of the “hidden” songs mysteriously appears in its place.

I went out and bought an additional 4 gig micro sd card to boost the storage capacity, but not having much luck here either.  I transferred a bunch of songs to the new card, added some new ones to the device but the combined total number of songs actually dropped.  In addition I “lost” 3 of my playlists.

Anyone heard of this problem??  Will the device really only hold X number of songs, despite the available space?

Any suggestions???  HELP!

Just how many songs are you talking about?

ok 532 page views which means I am at least the 533 person with this exact problem, WHERE IS THE SOLUTION?

All I get from Sandisk is a canned email saying I need to contact support during their business hours which I can not.

Just because there’s over 500 views of a post that’s 2 years old doesn’t mean that all those who read it have the exact same problem.

The OP couldn’t be bothered to answer my simple question in trying to help, nor has he/she even logged in since they posted.

And if you want help, you (like) the OP should give more info on what exactly your problem is, details about the files you’re using, your player, and the like. Otherwise, there’s no way anyone can assist you.