Disappearing songs?

I’m trying to get my music from my fuze to my clip zip so that both can have the same amount of songs. Well, I thought I did it, then it said it had 3757 songs, but that wasn’t right, so I connected it to my computer again and it had the same songs that my fuze has, so I unconnected it. I looked under info again and it said it had 3739 songs, and I didn’t change anything! I think it’s a problem with the micro sdhc card I have on it. It’s a Transcend 8GB, does the clip zip have problems reading a sdhc card that’s not from Sandisk?

Switch the usb mode on the Fuze(settings>system settings>usb mode), then reconnect it to the pc. See if you see the “lost” songs.

No, the problem is with the clip zip, for some reason, it won’t read all the songs that are on the Transcend sdhc card because I put in a Sandisk card that had the same songs and it read it. Why would Sandisk do this? I think it’s a problem with the updated firmware?

Very unfortunately, it seems that the player can be wonky with the microSD card, even a SanDisk microSD card.   :frowning: