I Think My Fuze Is Messed Up

When I turn on my Fuze it’s stuck  to the Refreshing your media screen. When i connect it to the computer and disconnect it it turns on properly, but when I try to play music it goes to the now playing screen where all it does is go through all my music without playing anything.

What kind of files are your music? It usually cycles through them like that when they are a filetype it can’t read–it just shows the filename and moves on. Only .mp3, .wma, .flac, .ogg  or .wav files. It won’t play .m4a from iTunes. 

Or if you got albums ripped on a Mac they also have Finder files that begin ._01.song.mp3. They’re only 0KB–not the actual mp3. No music to play. It should play the actual mp3 files, which should be about 1MB or more per minute of music. 

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All of the music are mp3 and ogg. None of it was ripped on a Mac though

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Then you have tag troubles. Get mp3tag and fix them, preferably before sending them over. 

I had just finished tagging all my songs and sent them to my Fuze then the problems started apearing so I don’t think it’s that. And something I forgot to mention was that when I go to the music list press the home button and go to the now playing screen it freezes.

Are you specifically tagging with version ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 ?  If you are using EasyTag, you may be putting on Unicode (UTF) tags that can bother the Fuze. And because you’re using .ogg files, with all the little variations of open source programs, there may be other things that are confusing the limited brain of the Fuze. If I remember correctly, there’s a new vorbis file extension that Fuze won’t play because it doesn’t recognize the filetype. 

Try the basic fixes. Back up your files and then format the unit (Settings/System Settings, or connect to the computer, right-click and Format…FAT32) and reload it a few albums at a time.

Also, get the firmware from the sticky near the top of the page and reinstall it manually.

It could always be some hardware that’s gone wrong, but you might as well run through the software possibilities first.