Worried Newbie needs help!

Hi! :smiley:

After more than a month I finally get a working Fuze+ and get to try it out a little,

but most of the feedback here seem very negative. :cry: Have I bougt a

disaster piece of hardware?

I absolutely love the Sansa Clip and I have 10 of those, and ten HiFi headphones

to go with them. The sound quality is brilliant in the Clip!

Anyway, I’ve gotten the Fuze+ to work and need some help with it.

* How can I put Album images on there? What size and format, and where?

I would prefer to put them on there manually and skip syncing it with M$ Media Player,

as I absolutely hate that program. I’ve got MP11 on my computer, but have never used it.

* What other things can I personalize? Any guides for that?

* Can I get the Sansa Media Converter somewhere?

It won’t download via the Sansa Updater and I can’t find it anywhere else. Or should’nt I bother

with that one?

* Which free videoconverter is the easiest to use, despite being capable? Is it Video4Fuze?

* And finally, if there’s any audiophiles in here, do you use Flac or Ogg at all?

Do you think there is a noticeable difference compared to say a Lame ripped mp3 at 320 kBit/s?

Is the Fuze+ good enough that you can hear a difference?

Lots of questions, any help much appreciated! :smiley:

I would really like to use the Fuze to it’s full potential!

most of your questions have been covered in great detail many times before

so im not gonna go into great detail here…

First off i don’t think its that bad a player for the money, i havn’t had any major issues.

For album images i would put a jpeg image called folder.jpg in each album folder

and don’t worry about the file size and dimensions so much

just make sure its atleast 240x240 pixels large…

you can use big images but they will be scaled down to view on a small screen

so its a waste of space making them too big, i don’t use anything over 800x800px

Personaly i use Avidemux to convert videos for the fuze and i posted settings for that in here loong ago

Although i never watch video on my player i decided to test out if windows media player 11

could convert them and it did and it worked fine but i hate WMP big time and use winamp for eveything audio

Quality ? I use flac + mp3. I recently started using my memory card only for flac and keep mp3 on internal etc…

I can tell a difference overall with the 2 formats, there seams to be more seperation between the instruments

when using flac, in other words the base sounds different and its clearer.

I have used and tested my hearing with a Foobar plugin called ABX

Its actualy pretty cool you can que up pieces of songs and run through tests trying to pick

wich format is wich just by hearing. On some of my music i can’t tell a difference really, but on some music

for example from the band Jesu i can almost always spot the flac like 99% of the time.

Anyway the program Foobar is free and the plugin is free but discontinued and a little hard to find,

i can upload it somewhere if people want it ?

Forum search is a good idea :wink:


forgot to add that i use some nice Sony headphones (noise cancelling earbuds)

that are made with neodynium rare earth magnets, luckily the price of these have dropped serverly

over the last few years, you can get some of them for $25 canadian at wallmart.

I had to spend about $100 for similar sony earbuds a couple years earlier.

Oh and the headphones that come with mp3 players should be thrown in the garbage at the store lol

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Thanks for your informative reply! :smiley:

I know most of my questions probably already had been answered somewhere in here,

but I got too exited to search them out. Sorry about that!

Now I have started using it and put some mp3´s on there and even converted whole video concerts

and they’re bloody brilliant!


I already love this player, eventhough I do see some issues here and there!

The thing was I ordered my Fuze and begun making photo albums and rip music while waiting,

but that proved to be the wrong strategy, because I got several players that would’nt start, so I

had acctually given up. On a whim I tried ordering it at a local store and that one worked flawless.

Anyway, this will be the most preüssian disciplined Fuze yet! :wink:

Perfect rips, menues and stuff!

I’m learning things as I go along and if I run into trouble I’ll ask for more help.

At least there is one happy Fuze customer right here. At the moment.


PS: Thanks for the audio quality input!

I would rather use Flac files only but my player is only 8bg so flac files fill that up real fast :frowning:

so full quality mp3 are acceptable for me, trade off for quality vs dramaticly smaller file size.

And i have a small memory card its only like 1 or 2 gb’s i can’t remeber lol

My point is I’ve had larger cards before and got rid of them and havn’t been modivated

to go and buy a large size one again mainly because it is a well known fact that the Fuze+

takes a LOT longer to load up when a memory card is plugged in… Even my 1gb memory card

slows it down with 2 albums in flac on my card… that close to doubles the start up time.

I can’t imagine how slow a 16gb card full of mp3 's would be lol …scares me to think how long that would take

There is more than one way to skin a cat

When i say search the forum i do in NO way say that to be rude

all i mean is if you don’t you will be missing out on a lot of good information :wink:

A lot of people have contributed around here and they get lost after page 1 of the forum

Personally, I would aviod MP3’s wherever possible. The MP3 standard was created how many years ago? Compared to the other formats supported by the Fuze+, I can definately say this standard is showing its age. I recommend Vorbis, as it sounds better at pretty much any bitrate. That’s just me, though.