Edit tags on Fuze?

I’m just using drag & drop to put music on my Fuze (I have a lot more music than 8GB), but once its on there I haven’t found a way to edit the tags. I’ve tried Win Media Player, Media Monkey, Winamp, Realplayer, Rhapsody, and J River. Winamp used to work, but after I went over a few gigabytes it just dies.

Is there a way to edit tags once they’re on the Fuze? So far I’ve had to delete them and re-add them.


No, I do not believe there is a way to edit the tags once they’re on the Fuze. You have to edit them on your PC before transferring them over to the Fuze.

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depends if your connected in mtp or msc mode. if your connected in msc mode, yes you can edit the tags once they’re on the device. however I’m not sure if the device will perform a database refresh after you make id3 changes, since DB refresh is only triggered if you add or delete a file.  hence, the changes may not show on your device if DB refresh does not occur.

as for mtp it is not possible from mtp compatible program (WMP, Rhapsody, etc).

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UPDATE: ok so the tags do update properly. be warned, it takes about 5-10+ seconds to update ONE id3 tag (I used winamp).

So Winamp is working for you? How much music do you have on your Fuze? I’d be happy with 5-10 seconds, compared to deleting all the files, editing them on the PC, then transferring them again! Unfortunately all Winamp does now is crash while its trying to read the database from the Fuze.

Post your WinAmp crashes associated with Sansa players here: http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=290908 . The more they know about the problem, the more likely it is that it will get fixed and we can start using WinAmp again. 

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If your winamp crashes it’s probably because of the portable media player plugin provided by winamp. I have this disabled / not installed. It used to cause problems for my clip, but I realized it was trying to load the player through mtp protocol and just crashed it.

I’m using winamp in the way of , dragging the file from folder view into the playlist editor (not media library). 

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot if I start using MTP again. I’ve moved all but the music that came with it to MSC, and am very happy with that. One of the things I originally liked about the Fuze was its support of MSC.

I did find one album of MP3s that Winamp had a particular problem with - it would even crash when I played them directly on my PC. Once I deleted those of my Fuze, Winamp didn’t crash with MTP anymore…for awhile.

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For better tag editing and a much more streamlined interface, give Foobar2000 (w/LAME) a try.  I have well over 7000 songs stored in FLAC with lots of detailed tags.  When using Foobar, the LAME encoder loses none of the tagging when sending files to the Fuze.