Incompatibility of "MP3tag" tags and Fuze?

I noticed a problem with files I tagged with MP3tag  (new v. 2.46a) and loaded onto the Fuze (v. 02.03.31) via WinAmp v. 5.56. The Album and Title tags are not transferred. They are visible in MP3tag (of course) and WinAmp.

A huge lump of music tracks, of podcasts and of radioplays get piled in one “album” each under music, audiobooks and under podcasts. It has the paragraph character (inverted P) as its name and is filled with “paragraph character” tracks. Only when I start to listen to the track, the album name shows up correctly in the display in the album line. Very uncomfortable. Workaround is using the access via the file structure…

I am not sure whether it is only tracks tagged with the newest version of mp3tag, because there are some older files (that might have been re-edited tough). The other culprit might be WinAmp itself, because sometimes I do quick edits of tags with WinAmp (although not in those huge numbers --about half of my 400 new tracks don’t show up correctly).

Re-editing the tags from scratch does not help. I also formatted the Fuze and reloaded the whole shebang via a brand new playlist in WinAmp, but files are still not showing up tagged.

Has anyone else seen this? 

I’ll try a downgrade of MP3tag and report the results (although not immediately,  I’ll be leaving for a 4 day holiday tomorrow night and a long train trip, that’s why I was loading new stuff…).

Thank you for any hints…

some of the newer ID3 tag versions dont work very well.  ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 will work the best

ID3 tags are not Winamp’s strong suit. I would edit them with MP3Tag and leave Winamp out of the equation.

I’m using 2.46a without problems. Maybe when you upgraded the defaults were changed in mp3tag.

In Tools/Options/Write/Mpegs it’s Write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. 

Thank you to all :-).

Yes, the MP3tag default was indeed changed to “…UTF-16”. I corrected that. I’ll test a few of the tracks next week and report back (for the benefit of others who might run into this problem :slight_smile: ).

As a sidenote, checking the language choices available in my Fuze, I thought it kind of funny that a lot of the countries I  assume Fuzes are being sold in use language characters that can’t be expressed through ISO-8859-1. :slight_smile: