ID3 Tag versions supported ?

ok so im experiencing some some sketchyness with tag detection here and it seems to me

my mp3 rips (with dbpoweramp) are not working right…

I am writing (ID3 v2.3 UTF16) tags to .mp3 files with the DBpoweramp and im thinking the fuze+ needs legacy version tags (v1.1)

Anyone have a solid answer on the requirements / compatability ?

I don’t have a Fuze+, but the most-compatible version with all of the other Sansas is ID3v2.3  ISO 8859-1 (Latin). I would be very surprised if the same weren’t true of the Fuze+. If dbpoweramp can’t write those, MP3Tag can, and it’s an excellent tagging program to boot.

mp3tag is the best “FREE” tagging app as far as i know but, i really like Tag&Rename.

never used Mp3tag too much i wish i could customize the view on it to be more like Tag&rename’s

mainly the file browser part of it.

anyway i should add that any version of the tags i use DO show up under the tracks catagory

but v2.3 tags arn’t showing up under the Albums category. I only ever put full albums/cd’s on my player (not individual tracks)

so my problem is the Album view, i should have made that clearer earlier…

Is there any isuues with unicode tags ? I have “Write Unicode Tags” checked in my Tag&Rename program options.

i should also add that for testing purposes i am re-formatting the player and adding a few discs at a time

and if the reults are still messed up im reformatting again and putting files on fresh again.

so right now im either getting tracks that won’t show up in album view with only ID3 v2.3 tags

and if i go and add ID3 v1.1 tags with 2.3 tags im getting random results, either i have discs not show in album and or artist view

or im getting multiple entries in artist  view with the same name…

im using only the folder called “Music” in MTP mode

and i put one artist folder in and then add a folder for each disc with the tracks in that.

to test right now i added to discs after a reformat… (both have id3 1.1 + 2.3 tags)

My Computer\Sansa Fuze+\Internal Storage\Music\1997 - Arise [RM] [NLD] [V0]\01-filename.mp3 (x13 mp3’s)

My Computer\Sansa Fuze+\Internal Storage\Music\1996 - Roots [Digipak] [NLD] [V0]\01-filename.mp3 (x18 mp3’s)

now what happened is all tracks show but only one of them shows in the album view (Roots) and (Arise) did not…

im obviously gonna keep pokin round see what i can do here but if anyone has any suggestions that would be great :slight_smile:

my folder example earlier was wrong… its not…

My Computer\Sansa Fuze+\Internal Storage\Music\CD Name\name.mp3

its actualy

My Computer\Sansa Fuze+\Internal Storage\Music\BandName\CD Name\name.mp3

anyway i got to the bottom of this …sorta

the problem is MTP. any variation of tag revisions and types is beeing problematic in MTP

but when i switch to forcing MSC mode any and all variations of tags i try work just fine.

what worked ok in my testing with msc mode ?

ID3 v2.3 (ANSI / ISO-8859-1)

ID3 v2.3 (UTF16)  <- the normal default for my music collection

ID3 v1.1 + any ID3 v2.3

So i had a hunch something weird is going on because after transferring files to my fuze the track names were always changed… instead having them how i made them, something is pre-pending the track # on to them !

so instead of “Song Name” they would look like “01 - Song Name” (in the player window)

and i do have them file named that way but not the track titles inside the tags…

anyway i dunno what is up whith this sketchy MTP ■■■■, but as long as i have a work around im happy. And maybe my post will help someone else with the Album view problem too

oh and i have WMP 11 + WMP 11 Format runtime installed up to date on my XP Pro x64 install.

i mention that because im pretty sure WMP10 / 11 is REQUIRED for MTP ? even though i hate wmp with a passion !

Also i have not noticed any problem yet because i was using Flac files 99% of the time so far (which work perfectly)