Supported ID3-Tags

Hi! Can someone tell me which ID3-tags are supported by the Fuze? I need a player who can read (and show) the “album artist” tag (for compilations).

The best ones to use are ID3v2.3 ISO-8559-1, not the UTF variety. Look around on this board though, and you’ll find quite a few people having problems displaying album art on their FUZE. I have a e280v2 which is supposed to have the same processor (chip), so it should be the same, but maybe firmware differences between the two units have something to do with it. I have no problems whatsoever, but there seems to be a slew of album art posts here on the FUZE board.

@Tapeworm - killabug is asking about “album artist” tag, not album art.  Funny, I missread it the same way at first.

@killabug - Unfortunately, “album artist” is not currently supported.  There’s been a number of posts about it (as well as other options do deal with comps), so hopefully Sansdisk might do something about it in the future.  Currently you can browse by all the other common tags: Artist, Album & Genre, etc.

Thanks for the reply. Its sad, but not really surprising. I think the zune is the only player who supports the “album artist” tag. then I must probably wait for rockbox :slight_smile:

any news about this feature?

Just more requests.  Haven’t heard any offical response yet.

mabey sansafix can say more…