ID3 Tagging Compilation Albums?

Problem: If I transfer a compilation album (e.g. a movie soundtrack), tagged as such that the track artist is XXX and the album artist is Various, the fuze will insert all the track artists names into the whole list of artists on the fuze. Fair enough as from one perspective it makes sense however it is frustrating having to browse through a list of artists that may have only one track in the library.

Ideally the artists lists on the fuze would be a list comprised of artists in the BAND, or ALBUM ARTISTS field. I think iTunes also adds a switch (0/1) in one of the fields to denote a compilation album.

It seems that the Fuze does not recognise the BAND field from MP3Tag or ALBUM ARTIST field from other tagging apps, does anyone know of a work around?

I think all the Sansa’s have this issue,  I worked around it by eventually using Various or another general term as the Artist, and then adding the artist into the song title itself. 

Pretty time intensive, but it’s what works for me.

Simple work around,  browse by Album.

not really a work around though is it. I browse by artists mainly, I guess I will just have to retag my compilation cd’s then…

any chance of this being addressed in a future firmware update? (or better still when we finally get a rockbox port?).