Editing album names, changing album art from Rhapsody

I’m using Rhapsody To Go with my Sansa Fuze 8gb.  I have edited a few album names in my Rhapsody player, as well as as deleted some album art and replaced with alternate album art.  But when I load these albums into my Sansa Fuze, they still appear with the original album names and original album art.  Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?  Thanks!

It sounds like you are editing the file names rather than the tags.

Read about ID3 tags here, get mp3tag and edit the tags. 

I’m just right-clicking on the song in Rhapsody and choosing “edit track info”.  What’s strange is that any changes I made to song titles do get transferred to the Fuze, but not album titles or art.  I would think there is an easier way to do this than downloading software.  Plus, how do I get different artwork to appear with “tags”?

Do they? In MTP mode it looks like you are able to edit the tags on songs on the player directly, however the changes don’t stick, and next time you look at the file on the player you will see the old tags are what is there. In MTP mode, you need to change the tags on the copy on your pc, delete the file on the player, then copy the file to the player again.

in MSC mode you can change the tags on the player directly, however many frown on that practice. For Rhapsody you need to use MTP though, so I guess you need to edit the songs stored on your pc, delete them from the player, then transfer them to the player again.

mp3tag will only make this a million times easier. And it’s free.

Edit the tags on the PC, delete the copies on the unit and send the edited files over. 

ok, I’ll try mps3tag.  But this doesn’t seem worth the trouble.  It’s only album titles and album art, and I can live with some that are not looking perfect to me on my Fuze.  I was just trying to “tidy up” a little bit.  I thought it would be easy to edit the track info on my Rhapsody player and then those edits would transfer over to the Fuze when I loaded it.  Oh well. 

Rhapsody is trying to do a lot of things at once: organize your library, check digital-rights information, connect to the Rhapsody mothership, sell you stuff. Tag editing is not its priority.

Mp3tag does one thing very thoroughly and neatly. That’s why it gets so much love here.