artists and albums

this is driving me crazy!!!after i’ve finally understood how to add actual songs, i just can’t get the artists and the albums in oreder.also it doesn’t change the language of the title of the songs that are in a different language.that doesn’t make any sense.i mean i can’t make the player change the names of the songs that aren’t in english.and also,i can’t organise the artists and albums the way i want can i do that?

any help at all wll be great:)

The Fuze uses Id3 tags to sort songs. There is a program called mp3Tag that you can use to change information and language of titles or any other information

I was having this problem. I had a bunch of single songs by the same artist but was all over the place when I transfered them to my fuze. I put all songs in 1 folder, Ctrl A to select all, then go to properties and details and change the “album name” so all songs have the same album name. I do the same under artist so they all read the same. Or if I have a bunch of misc songs I want on the same album, I just change the album name so they are all the same. I haven’t looked at the mp3Tag program, that might be a easier route to go?

If you are doing Drag and drop transfers yes I would suggest Mp3Tag, If you are using Windows Media Player, There is a tag editor in the program already(its not as complete as mp3Tag but its already there)