Organizing Albums

I have a Sansa Fuze 8GB with a 4GB card. What I’m having issues with is I’d like to organize my albums by year. I’ve gone to the length of renaming all my albums via year but no matter what I do the albums under individual groups still registers as alphabetical. HOw do I change this because it’s getting frustrating.


You’ll have to re-name/edit the ID3 tags of the files. The Fuze does not sort (aka organize) by file name unless you scroll down to the bottom of the Music menu and select Folders. Then the hierarchy should be the same as on your computer, folders & files. Note you will have to do this each time you want to find your files this way. The Artist, Album, Song, Genre, etc. lists will still sort and show by the info contained in the ID3 tag.

MP3Tag is a good (&free) dedicated tag-editing program.

So just to expand on what Tapeworm said.

Set mp3tag’s default under Tools/Options/Tag/Mpeg to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1, which is the Windows encoding the Fuze likes.

On the left half of mp3tag, you can change all the album titles (for instance) for the whole album at once by highlighting all the files, typing in the new name  (which you can start with the year) and saving it.

Thanks guys. I’ll try both suggestions. I just didn’t know how to get the darned files to do what I wanted them to do. Much appreciated.


The MP3 tag, is that under the program or inside of say Windows Media Player or inside that MP3 tagging program?

MP3Tag is its own program, and has nothing to do with Windows Media Player.

Click on the red underlined link in Tapeworm’s post to get mp3tag. It’s free.