Force or Trick Fuze to Sort Albums MY way

Hey troops, while I am not new to the MP3 scene, I am new to FUZE. I am finding that FUZE is refusing to follow my ancient trick of numbering my albums (ie., 01-album, 02-album, 03-album) to force it to play albums in the order that I choose (within an artist’s folder, of course).

I know that it will still read the MP3 tag info (as it should) but, that darn thing seems to only follow the tag info when it sorts the albums.

Thus, all of my albums are in alpha order only… hm-m-m.

Nope, I don’t want to make playlists for every artist on the poor thing - I’m adding and dropping on an ongoing basis.

I label my albume folders this way so I can burn CD-Rs and, by the way, my car plays them in perfect sequence everytime - “ancient chinese secret”… perhaps.

Fuze’s Info: absolute latest firmware update with 8GB mem and 8GB microSDHC (level 6 - “flippin’ sweet”) card.

Thanks for all input in advance…!

The Sansa firmware uses ID3 tags exclusively, so the only way to do what you want is to change the album tags on your tracks to 01-album, 02-album etc. What you’re probably looking for is ‘browse by folder’, which the Sansa firmware doesn’t have.

Most car players sort by filename; most portable players sort by tags.

You might consider downloading MP3tag (or some other tagging program). Most all of them can sync the filename with the tags.

Download and install MP3Tag.

Load your music files into the application, and highlight the desired group.  MP3Tag has a cool auto numbering wizard for your tracks.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Yeah, mp3tag works great.  Though I still hope a future FW allows file-folder based browsing, as I spent alot of time the first time I filled up my Fuze reorganizing everything in different folders, only to find that it made no difference on the playlists…

“Fur Shame” that it can’t do this at this stage in MP3 evolution (one would think certain aspects of MP3-ology would/could be standardized(!) by now within all or most players.

Well, I’ll try MP3TAG (even though I must admit to “slapping da’ MONKEY”, um… I mean using MEDIA MONKEY with no problem - to date) and see where that puppy will get me.

Thanks for the advice, boy-os!

If anyone else finds another workaround or suggestion, feel free to post.