Alphabetizing tracks

First night with my Fuze and having a little trouble organizing tracks.  On my previous mp3 player, I have one Album/Artist tag that I label as Various and set all the track numbers to 0 so that the songs list alphabetically, even when I upload more songs.  However, this doesn’t seem to work on my Fuze as the new tracks just add below the last one.  They also seem to refuse to sort themselves alphabetically.  Any ideas?

you too !  Yeah, i’m currently posting about just numbered tracks,  Do they even test this stuff ?  Amazingly silly.

How did you edit the id3 tags on your songs? I have a 4gb fuze with firmware version 01.01.11 installed on the player. I used windows media player to edit the tags on an album and changed all the track numbers to 0 and the mp3 player correctly sorted the songs by alphabetical order. Double check that you edited the id3 tags properly. If your using media player right click on the song and select the advanced tag editor.

I used MediaMonkey to edit the tags and even checking on WMP, all the track numbers are 0.  I might just have to sort those by Artist and Album, which I prefer not to when I don’t have the full CD.