Putting songs under one album?

I’ve recently downloaded some songs and basically each song has ended up as an “album” of its own. They’re all from the same show so I would like to put them under one album or in the same album if possible. How do I move them around?


Most likely you’ll have to edit or change the ID3 tags of the individual songs so they have some commonality. You could put the same ALBUM name on all of them (in the ALBUM field in the tag).

As you may or may not know, Sansas read the ID3 tag info rather than looking at the file hierarchy. There are numerous discussions here about ‘tagging’. Just look around or do a search.

I’ve been able to edit the tags for all of the songs on the library of my computer and move them around.

However when I go into windows media player, under the sansa fuze tab and click album, none of the info is able to be editted. Any suggestions?

Use a dedicated tagging program like MP3Tag. It’s free & works great. Set it to write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 tags and edit away! :smiley:

You can’t edit the songs on the Fuze when its in MTP mode (if you’re using Windows, its probably MTP by default). You have to edit them on a PC, delete the songs on the Fuze, then transfer the edited songs to the Fuze.

I’ve had good success editing tags with MP3Tag while the files are on the player, eliminating the need to change on the computer, delete the files on the player & re-transfer the corrected files to the player. Saves a LOT of time!

But I’ve never tried in MTP mode, only MSC. I think I would dig out one of my old ‘Walkmans’ and all my old casstte tapes if I was stuck or forced to use a player in only MTP! It’s EVIL! :dizzy_face:

I just did this last night. I had different songs, but they were all from the same tv show.  I used WMP’s Advanced Tag Editor (right click on song(s) and select Advanced Tag Editor) to change the songs information. I made sure they all had the same Album Title, Year, and Genre. They all show up under the same album now.

Delete the ones on your player and readd them once you change the info on WMP.