Editing Artist/Album info

Hi guys, got another somewhat noob-ish question here. I’ve noticed that Rhapsody is completely useless except for uploading CDs, downloading music online, or creating playlists. I do all of my song editing and upkeep directly through the Fuze itself and try to bipass Rhapsody whenever possible. However, one thing I’ve been unable to do in either case is change the artist or album info. I can change the name of the song when accessing the Fuze via Internal Memory, but it will not let me change the artist or album info despite the ability to view them in “Details.” Rhapsody doesn’t allow me to edit anything at all, thus proving how useless it is once again. Some of my tracks do not have an artist or album attached to them, while others have lower case names instead of capitalized names. Not a big deal really, but it’s annoying me and I can’t find a solution. Help?


This program works like a charm to tag mp3 files.  It’s pretty intuitive when you install the program on your hard drive and a little trial and error.0

This wont help for wma files. You would need to modify them from something like WMP11. Not sure its possible for DRM protected files.

It also depends on whether these are Rhapsody owned songs, i.e. channels or songs just ‘rented’ by you or if they are songs you have paid extra to Rhapsody to ‘own’. If they are only subscription music, they are DRM-encrypted and you won’t be able to use MP3Tag or anything else to change them.

How about some Rhapsody magic, sports fans?

The secret to the advanced tag editor in Rhapsody is to pull the desired track into your Library.

In Library view, you can right click and edit any desired fields.  The edited version can then be sent to your device!  If you click on the left border of the library pane, the artist or album can be selected.

From this new center column / pane, a right click accesses the entire album for tag editing, or album art revision.

Many users never discover the center pane.  You can browse your library, or the Sansa, by Album / Artist / Genre too.

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Yeah with the Fuze you can only view the details. 

You have to copy to your computer and then change the artist details and then move it back to the Fuze.

Thats how I get it done. 

Ah how about that, just needed to go into my Library after all. Looks like Rhapsody isn’t quite as useless as I made it out to be. Thanks!

Is the “center” pane the drop-down window where you can select various items to show.  I edited each track, but the drop-down didn’t have year and album artist info selected.  I downloaded the info to the Fuze after editing each track and it didn’t put the featured artist “album artist” info that I added.  Will checking that in the drop-down fix that or have I missed something?