TAGs and song titles

 I am new to TAGS etc.  I read a few posts, vaguely have an idea, downloaded and tried Mp3tag and have tried to use WMP with the “Advanced Tag editor”…

I will try my best to have this make sense.  (My question surrounds this general idea - I am an aerobics instructor and each class needs Tracks 1-12 but I can mix and match tracks from any of my albums.  So I plug in the Fuze do Tracks 1-3 on Album A and then quickly would need to switch to Album C and play Tracks 4 and 5 etc)

When I import an album I really need to import it and have the Track NUMBER come over with the Track title in the “Album” on the Fuze.  I can not find any option that lets me do that.  The only way I have been able to do it so far is to rename the track before I rip the CD using Windows Media Player.    I hope I am missing something to streamline this proces.

Here is what I just did that worked but was time consuming…

Put in my CD - Album 1

Opened WMP - RIP - before Ripping I renamed each track  ie. Shut up and Drive became 5 Shut up and Drive, Lithium became 6 Lithium and so on

Ripped the CD to my Library and then opened the Fuze via Windows explorer, drug the files in.  Disconnected my Fuze, opened it, went to albums - Album 1 and it looks good, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to manually change the Track name for all of my Albums. 

You can Rip and then use Mp3Tag, or Advanced Tag Editor, just put 1-Track name, Thats All I think you can do… You can try to put together a playlist in WMP or another program and then sync it to the fuze. but then you cant mix it up as much without re-syncing the playlist. 

I hate them but playlists seem to be the solution to your problem.

The playlist contains what songs are required and in what order… I think, as I said I hate them and would rather spend hours working how to do the same thing without them.

I only use 1 playlist because they can be a pain. But if you already have the songs on the fuze’s internal memory, just make the playlist in Windows Media and sync it to the internal memory too. It will do what you want, Then the next week or day you go thru in WMP and edit the list and then resync it will modify on the fuze.