Syncronize to continue subscription?

Ok, well i looked through a few of these thread and figured out that i need to get rid of my current music to play new music amiright? So my current train of thought was to open the sansa folders on windows vista and delete everything and replace with the mp3 files i already have. Is this dangerous just to delete everything? or shoul di only delete the service folder?

Although you can delete whaetver you want, anythint that is by default on the player will reload when the clip disconnects from the PC. so yes you can delete the service folder, but it will reload upon disconnection.

I don’t think you need to go as far as clearing EVERYTHING out, the folders don’t take up that much space in relation to music. you wont’ even be able to add one more song if you delete all the folders. just perform a device format, leave all the folders alone and upload your content. 

i dont know how to do a device format

i currently have music, but my 30 day free trial to rhapsody ran out, so my mp3 wont even load up.



This is what I found when I searched for something similiar on this board, and it worked.

"Nah, that’s just Rhapsody doing its thing.  In the Rhapsody 4 Client, right click on your clip, and select “license” to send a new copy over to the device.  Then lets be sure that the secure clock is matched.  Hold (ctl) (shift) and right click on the clip int he sources pane.  Select “reset Secure Clock.”

Be sure to update to the newest 1.01.29 firmware, as the Rhapsody “subscirption expires early” note is mentioned in the release notes.

In cases where the Rhapsody subscription is being a toad, select de authorize, then authorize the device onece more, than disconnect.

Though it may seem a pain, the next step is to use the Format function on the device, then reauthorized the device from the Rhapsody 4 Client. 

a helpful tip, dont try to load more than one full screen of songs at a time to the device, as large groups of transfers can be problematic.


I did the above and it worked out fine for me.  Also on your clip, next to the battery signal is an octagon (think stop sign, or circle with edges) that should be a full colored in yellow.  It has something to do with the subscriptin.