Canceling/deleting Rhapsody free trial

I tried the 30 day free trial and decided not to subscribe, however, when I turn my Clip 2G on I get “Subscription Expired” connect to your PC. When I connect nothing happens on the Rhapsody site, nor can I find any info. Then I get Synchronize to continue your subscription. All I want is to clear my clip of the Rhapsody prompts and music, help.

you will need to remove and rhapsody subscription tracks that are on the device then de-authorize the device in the rhapsody software.

I’m sorry, I’m really tech challenged, old fart. The Rhapsody is under Rhapsody channels on my player and I don’t know how to delete the playlists on the channels. If I go to delete the songs on the playlists, I immediately get the synchronize the player prompt.

There are several ways to clear your Sansa of the subscription tracks and data.

On the device itself, the “synchronize” message is in the way of progress, isn’t it?  This leaves us with a few options.  We need to cancel the subscription on the device, and delete the matching tracks.

This is simple, if you plug in your Sansa and open the Rhapsody client.  The Sansa will appear in the sources pane in the upper left.  Right-click on the Sansa and select Deauthorize

Now here’s the only tricky part.  Do you have any other content on the device that you wish to keep?  As long as you have the music in your PC’s library, you can reload the music after formatting the device to clear all data.  Just remember that formatting erases all music from the device, and you’ll need to reload.

Right-click on the Sansa and select format.  This erases the Sansa, and prepares it for reloading with your new music, such as favorite CDs.

Unplug your Sansa and verify that the subscription indicator is gone.  On the Clip, this is the familiar circle in the yellow section of the OLED display, and the green / yellow / red dot at the bottom of the Fuze / e200 / View.

For the curious, the Rhapsody 4 client will format your Sansa with optimized 32KB clusters.

That should do the trick!

Well, I am a glutton for punishment.  If there remains any subscription issue at this point, plug in your Sansa again in MTP mode, and delete the Rhapsody folder within the Services folder in the root directory of your Sansa.  Bingo!  This last method comes in handy for those who have deleted the Rhapsody client from their computer…and then the 30 day licenses on those tracks finally expire.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Thank you so much Bob, even I was`able to follow that, success.