Deleting Rhapsody songs/program from Sansa Clip after Rhapsody expiration

I can’t figure out how to delete the Rhapsody songs on my Sansa Clip now that my subscription has expired.  Whenever I turn on my player, it tells me I have to resubscribe in order to play the songs.  I’d rather just delete them all from my player, get rid of Rhapsody and subscribe to another service.  I’ve tried connecting to the computer and opening the files using Windows Media, but it’s as if all of the music files are gone.  I’m not sure what to do, but I’d like to clean out all of the Rhapsody stuff so I can try another service.  Thanks for any advice you have.

Open the Rhapsody client on your PC.

Plug in your Sansa.

To delete the Rhapsody songs from your Sansa, highlight them while in the client, and press Delete.

Then right click on the Sansa in the Sources pane, and select Deauthorize.  Done.


I think I’m missing some steps.  I’m not sure what Rhapsody “client” is.  I opened my Rhapsody account and deleted the songs on my playlist (highlighted them and then deleted).  I tried right clicking on the Sansa in the Sources pane, but “Deauthorize” does not come up.  “Authorize”, “Disconnect” and other options came up, but there was no “Deauthorize”.  Did I miss doing something?  Thanks again for your help!