rhapsody continues to download and transfer items i've deleted! and choke on that transfer, too!


i’'ve reformatted my 2 gig sansa clip (settings->format ->yes) in an effort to regain the ability to add/delete songs to my sansa clip. unfortunately, rhapsody continues to load a few songs i have deleted! (34 of them, to be exact!) what’s worse – at song 21 of 34, rhapsody CHOKES and doesn’t go any further, which keeps me from being able to load any new songs onto this clip. sure, i liked these songs – but its time for a change. how do i delete these songs, loaded from my rhapsody subscription, and make them go away successfully?



I would like to suggest to reauthorized your device from Rhapsody and format your device;

How to reauthorized the device;

  1. Connect your player to the computer using a Sansa cable.
  2. Choose Manage the device using Rhapsody on initial connection.

NOTE: This option is available only if the Rhapsody software has been installed on your PC.

  1. Right-click on your Sansa player from the Sources area.
  2. Select Authorize / Reauthorized

How to Format your device using computer please visit this link;


Hope this would work. :wink: