Cannot Download Music

I’ve had a 2gb Clip since January. I have a To Go subscription with Rhapsody. I haven’t had any trouble until the other day. First my subscription wouldn’t update so I formatted the clip. After that the subscription updated but I can’t download more than 24 songs. (24 out of 204 which I usually have on the clip). I updated with new firmware and formatted. I still can’t download more than 24 songs. Any ideas?

Sounds like you’re stuck in “Rhapsody 25” mode.  Open the Phapsody 4 client, sign in, go to Account Management, log in again, and see your account status.  You need to see Rhapsody To Go for transfers for your Sansa.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for the answer. I tried that and it was showing. Just spent almost 2 hours with a Rhapsody tech guy in chat. We tried everything. Deleting, authorizing, unauthorizing, clearing caches…nothing has worked. We did get one newly downloaded track to transfer but no more. They are transferring me to email help. This is just weird.

Moving to Rhapsody’s Tier 2 technical support is the way to fly.  Inside the Rhapsody folder on your computer are several tools to clean up the DRM system.  Have you gone through that process yet?

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