Sansa triple adding songs?

This is the 2nd Sansa clip Ive owned, very dissapointed. The first just stopped after 2 months. This one when hooked to Rhapsody, deleted all my songs twice. Now its adding them 3 & 4 times each. Anyone else having this problem?

No, but then I don’t use Rhapsody.

:cry: Any recommendations on who to use then?

There’s only one or two people who frequent this forum that I know uses Rhapsody. The rest of us own CD’s that we rip ourselves or buy mp3’s from the internet. Rhapsody is akin to ‘renting’ your music. For some, it’s a good deal as they get to try out and listen to (preview) many more artists and songs than they would normally.

If you can’t locate any help from Rhapsody or their forum (if they still have one) or find anything by searching this forum or Googling, then perhaps one of those that use Rhapsody here will stumble on this thread and offer some advice.

Are you using e200R? Maybe this guide would help you out on the basic steps on Rhapsody.

@doncht wrote:
Are you using e200R?

The OP’s very first statement was “This is the 2nd _ Sansa clip _ Ive owned”.