Songs Won't Transfer to Sansa Clips, Rhapsody Suggests Formatting

I am not positive that it was updating the firmware that messed up my Sansa clips, but after numerous chats with Rhapsody,they think I should format them. I am not able to load songs from Rhapsody to my clips. I have the correct subscription. Everything they have suggested concerning Rhapsody, I have done and I am still not able to transfer or load songs. I keep getting error messages when the Clips are hooked up for transferring. But if Rhapsody program is open and downloading to my hard drive, with no clips, I don’t receive error messages would like to know if there are any other alternatives since I have dial up, and that will not be pleasant. Thanks…


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So there isn’t a error message that comes up when you try to transfer files to the clip?

Unfortunatly Rhapsody’s solution for everything is Format (which may be needed, but many times not). Songs don’t transfer…“Format it”. I’ve been shot…“Format”… kinda thing.

On a more serious note, try the following:

Plug the player into the computer and open rhapsody

On rhapsody, log in and go the Manage My Account option in the My Account Tab

De-authorize your computer then click ok

Now right-click on your player under sources and select De-authorize.

Disconnect and re-connect your player.

Go back and re-authorize your computer

Re-authorize your player

Right-click on the My Library Icon and select re-issue track licenses (or something close to that)

Then right-click on the player and select License

Once that’s all done, try to transfer some files and see if that helps.

Let us know if not 

Thanks for the reply, and the humor. I did try all of that last night after reading that suggestion on another forum. But, no luck. :cry: I did that on both my husbands and my computer,and both our clips. I just don’t know why all of a sudden it’s happening, and ONLY when I have the clips attached to the computers and I am logged in to Rhapsody. I just know there has to be another way other than formatting. If I have to format and put over 600 songs back on 2 clips by dial up I will. :neutral_face: But I would prefer not to. Thanks for any help you can offer.