Unsyncing the Sansa Clip from Rhapsody

I synched my Sansa Clip to Rhapsody and had a subscription which I didn’t like so I let it expire and didn’t renew.  On Rhaposdy, I deauthorized my computer and removed all of the files I had subscribed to.  Now, every time I turn on my Clip, it says “Your subscription has expired.  Connect to your PC.”  Also, the songs which I had removed and which do not appear in the Clip’s files when I view them on my PC, appear in my playlists and don’t play so I have to manually forward past them.  How can I get rid of any connection to Rhapsody from my Clip?  Thanks.  

I was trying to find the same answer.

There are a few different methods available to you if the “synchronize to continue subscription” message continues after discontinuing Rhapsody.

Normally, opening Rhapsody on the PC, then selecting deauthorize will do the trick.  Of course, delete the subscription files (music)  from your Sansa.

On the device, you can go to Settings > System Settings > Format > Yes and delete all media from the device (of course you’ll have to reload with new music, as “format” will erase all media from the device.

You can also remove Rhapsody by using Windows Explorer.  Navigate (from the PC of course) to the Services folder in the root directory, then delete the Rhapsody folder within it.

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formatting the player deletes everything off of it and starts from a clean slate.

Syncing is the process of putting on music files or videos or pictures to a portable device.

Hope this information helps you.

I was told my Tech support that I would have to transfer all of my music off of my Sansa Clip and reformat it to Windows or I cold lose all of my music.  I bought a Micro SDHC card and tried to do a search on this web site but nothing come up on how to dot this.