Simple Rhapsody "expired tracks" delete

This was too easy so I decided to share.  I signed on for the 1 month free trial but decided not to continue (I prefer to either buy the CD or download individually - no monthly fee for me please).  Unfortunately my Fuze had other ideas.

Rhapsody just wouldn’t stop with the “subscription tracks have expired” every time I turned the thing on!

So if you just want to get rid of it…

Plug in your Sansa

Go to Start - the select My Computer (I have WinXP - I’m sure there is something in Vista like it)

You’ll get a list of hard drives etc.  At the bottom should be your Fuse or other Sansa

Double click on it

Look for a folder called “services”

Go there

Inside you’ll find a folder called “Rhapsody”  - Delete it.

That’s it folks.

Only took me 2 hours to figure it out

 Hope this helps


Only took me 3 minutes looking on this forum.

Thanks! Great help.