Sync ??

There are some songs I can put in my fuze without problems. But other songs they say I have to sync. What does it mean and how can I do that ? I read the guide but I feel completely lost. I used to have a sansa e140 and never got so many problems. Does it have to do with windows media player ? Do I absolutely have to use windows media player or there are other ways to transfer songs ?

I don’t have anyproblems with WMP. But I know people who have. You do not have to use WMP winamp or another media player should work just fine

To “sync” your music means to load up a media player that uses a library to categorize your music - such as WMP, WinAmp, or Amarok (Amarok is a popular one on Linux, though they now have a Windoze version that’s still a bit unstable) - and "sync"ronize your library with the Fuze. That means that it will copy your library from the media player over to the Fuze exactly the way it is in the library.

You shouldn’t have to “sync” your music at all, unless it isn’t in a format that the Fuze will accept. The Fuze will accept MP3 and WMA music, and (as of the 1.01.15 firmware, considering you upgraded, see the post at the top of this forum for details) will accept Ogg Vorbis and FLAC. If you are not using one of these supported formats, than "sync"ing should automatically convert your music to the default music format for the media player, considering that format is supported by the Fuze, or the nearest format that is supported by the Fuze.