Sync problems

When I plugged in my Fuze to add a new playlist (WMP11), I selected the playlist and started sync.

So it added the new playlist and removed everything that was on the Fuze!!

Didn’t recall reading about this “feature” in the manual.

Can anyone help??

Remember that ‘syncing’ means making your player the same as your computer’s hard drive library. So if you have, for example ripped a buch of CD’s to your hard drive, then ‘sync’d’ them to your Sansa with Windows Media Player, then gone back and deleted them from your hard drive (because you no longer need them there as they are now on your player); then the next time you plug in your Sansa to your computer, Windows Media Player is going to look and see if anything has changed. Why, yes it has . . . and you guessed it, it’s going to remove everything from your player that doesn’t match what’s on your computer any more. :angry:

Yes, you can turn off ‘automatic’ and go for ‘manual’ sync, but this could still happen. This actually happened to me, and I quickly switched to MSC mode and ‘drag & drop’ and have never looked back.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ME!:wink:


How do you do the MSC and can you get the album art this way?

You switch to MSC mode on your player in SETTINGS > USB mode. There is link to a How-To video showing one way to get and add album art in the HOW TO VIDEOS board, or you can do a search on all boards for album art. I, for one have posted in detail step-by-step directions for using Windows Media Player to find album art. You just then save it as ‘album art.jpg’ in the same folder. :smiley:

Sounds labour intensive :slight_smile:

 Thanks for the help

Not really. Only the first time when you’re learning as you go. I zip through the process now. What I really like is the CONTROL. I have it! NOT Windows Media Player. I get to decide what goes on my player and what does not. And no more surprises.

_ I HATE SURPRISES! _ :angry:

I had the same problem that sync deleted songs off my fuze, although in a few cases it copied duplicates of files I already had. So now I don’t use sync at all, I manually drag and drop all my music and this works fine. However, this doesn’t work for playlists. It copies down some kind of file that I can see using explorer, but I can’t see when I use the Fuze. Is there a way to manually move playlists? I refuse to let Windows Media Player anywhere near my fuze. 

Right click a music file on the player and select “Add to playlist” or “Create Playlist”. After a playlist has been created open the properties and manually add some songs by dragging.

Thanks, I’ll try that tonight and let you know.

I do wish that Sansa had some non Windows Media Player software of it’s own. I have nothing against MP - I use it for ripping my CD’s and organizing my music on the PC. I just don’t like it for updating the Fuze because it does it’s own thing and I have no control over it.

Works like a charm. Many thanks.

Another question. Is it possible to embed a playlist inside another playlist. I tried to drag a playlist to the reference pane in another playlist but the Fuze was not happy with that.