Songs disappear off my player

I have a sansa fuze player. I have noticed this a few times. I will download songs onto the player, and some of the other songs from other artists or the whole artist will disappear.  There is enough space, I haven’t gone over the available space but for some reason, songs or artists like to disappear on me.  I can see their folders on my computer, but they are not listed on the player nor are their songs or albums on there. I don’t know what is going on, its getting kind of annoying to find this happening.  I don’t know if its my player or what. I use Windows Media player. Rhapsody just slows down my computer and sometimes it freezes too so I gave that up when I was using my old Sansa player.  I tried it again with this new one and it still does it, nad I have a different computer.  But why does the music disappear? 

On the part where I was talking about when I could see the folders but not the songs, I don’t think I described that very well. When I hook up my sansa to my computer, I can see the folders of the artist listed on it still as well as the albums sometimes but the songs are gone.  But nothing of the artist shows up on my sansa when I’m listening to it.

Are you using the “sync” function of Windows Media Player? That will make the Sansa match what’s on your computer. So if you put the song on the Sansa and erased it from your computer, then “sync,” the computer will take it off your Sansa to match. Maybe that’s what is happening. 

Look in Windows Media Player’s Tools/Options under sync and see if it’s set to auto-sync.  Uncheck that if it is. 

And if you don’t want Windows Media Player doing arbitrary things, you don’t have to use it. You can just rip the albums to your computer and drag-and-drop them over.

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC. This will make the Fuze look like any other hard drive or flash drive to your computer. Open it in Windows Explorer (Computer) and drag the albums over.

Windows Media Player communicates in MTP mode, and if your Fuze was on Auto Detect, it will go to MTP mode when it finds WMP on your computer. MSC forces it to use MSC mode.

But here’s the twist. Your computer can only see MTP mode OR MSC mode, not both. So if you switch to MSC, the songs you loaded via MTP won’t be visible to Windows Explorer (until you switch back to MTP). I’d suggest taking them off and reloading everything via MSC. Then you’re in control. 

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