Songs just disappear from the device

Hi, First I apologize if this has been answered already, but I couldn’t find it on the board.

Anyways, my songs keeo disappearing off my Fuze. I download probably 90% of my songs from amazon, and I sync them to my device using Windows Media Player. If i’m lucky, they will stay on my Fuze for about a month, but some will disappear after 2-3 days.

It seems like they disappear when I plug my fuze in to charge the battery, and/or download more songs.

This is my second Fuze, as I had to exchange the first one because it wouldn’t let me go backwards through my tracks. My next step is taking into BestBuy and getting something else. But I don’t want to because otherwise, I really like it.

It’s frustrating because I keep a back up of my tracks on a seperate travel drive (don’t want to use the memory on my comp for songs) and when songs disappear I have to dl them back to my comp and then re-sync them to the device.

Also, I can’t get past the 200 song mark because they disappear. Just 2 days ago I had 196 songs and now it says I have 161!

Please help!

Thanks so much

The next time you connect to Windows Media Player, right-click on Sync and go to Tools/Options/Devices and the Fuze. What may be happening is that WMP is on Auto-Sync–erasing stuff from the player to match what’s on the computer. If Auto is checked, un-check it. Take a look at some of the other options while you’re in there. 

Or take WMP out of the picture altogether. You don’t need it to transfer mp3s. You could switch the Fuze to MSC mode (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode) and just drag-and-drop the files directly to it, without any funny business from WMP. 

WMP sends things over via the MTP mode. And your computer can only see one mode at a time–MTP or MSC (the Fuze sees everything from either mode). Since you have been using WMP, the songs you sent over with it will only be visible to your computer in MTP mode. 

I’d suggest that you take off the MTP songs from the Fuze, switch to MSC and transfer everything back on. Once you do, you’ll be in full control of what is on or off the Fuze.  

Thanks so much for the advice. I will try this. I thought I was loosing my mind because when I would delete a song out of WMP, it seemed that the next time I hooked up my Fuze, the song would disappear. This makes sense now.

I will try all your suggestions. Thanks again!

Yes, you must have had Auto-Sync on. WMP was trying to make your Fuze match its library. That’s the default setting in Windows Media Player–which is insane if you ask me, but nobody did.

Once you turn off Auto-Synch, you could keep using WMP and MTP mode, but you still have to be careful if, for instance, you connect the Fuze to someone else’s computer–and it tries to Auto-Sync its library!  MSC is safer.