Fuse deleting songs when adding new ones

Hello to all!  I am a  new 4GB Fuze owner and am having problems adding songs.  I added 15 or 20 songs to my Fuze and everything seemed to be OK.  Then when I went to add more songs several weeks later, the original songs I added were deleted and the only ones on my Fuze were the ones I just added.  Am I doing something wrong?  Does this have something to do with the “Refreshing your media” screen I see after I add songs?  I don’t see anything in the manual that covers this.  Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

“Refreshing your media” means the Fuze is reading the new files and sorting the information in their tags to list Album, Artist, Song, etc. That’s what it does every time you change the content.

It sounds like you are adding songs with the Sync function in Windows Media Player.

Sync stinks.

Sync wants to match what’s on your Fuze to what’s in your computer. So if you transferred songs to the Fuze, took them off your computer, and sync again, the computer will “sync” them off the Fuze too. How convenient.

Unless your songs are from a subscription service, like Napster, you don’t need Windows Media Player to manage them for you. Go to Settings/System Settings/USB mode and change to MSC, which makes your computer think the Fuze is just another disc drive. You can copy-and-paste albums onto the Fuze–into the Music folder makes sense–and they won’t disappear until you manually remove them.

If you really love Windows Media Player, you can leave the unit in the other mode, MTP. Connect the Fuze, look for the Sync tab in Windows Media Player, and go to Settings and take it off Auto-Sync. (You may have to right-click at the top of the WMP window to see things like Tools, Settings, etc.)

Your computer can only see one mode at a time–it’s as if MSC and MTP are different partitions. The Fuze doesn’t care how the files got there, and it sees everything, but for your own sanity it’s better to stay with one mode or the other. So if it were me, I would take off the music sent via MTP and copy it all over again in MSC.

The big reason for MTP mode is music (or audiobooks) with Digital Rights Muck. Those have to be sent over in MTP mode–via Windows Media Player or your audiobooks manager, like Overdrive or Audible–so that the hidden codes to unlock and play the files can also be sent over.

But if you’re just sending mp3s, I prefer the control and simplicity of MSC.

Black-Rectangle is right in that it is not your fuze, but the method of putting files on the fuze that is the problem. And if you wish to continue using the MTP mode software, you’re going to have to MTFM of the software.

I know you’re going to love your fuze once you overcome the ‘We can do it for you’ music software’ roadblock. You’re problem makes up many of the posts here. After using your fuze for a few months using mtp software or drag and drop, you might wish to read about Rockbox firmware.

Then you can make that little 240 mhz mini-computer in you’re hand dance to the music as you see it happening.

FYI: MTP mode is a Digital Rights Management protocol. MSC mode is the normal/real world file transfer mode. MSC can be used by "We can do it for you’ software.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I am going out of town for a few days but when I get back I will fix the problem as you both have suggested.  I really like the Fuze so far and want to fill it with music to listen to while I work out.  I appreciate your help–Jeff